Nollywood On Fire | 5 August 2015 18:20 CET

Women Should Support Each Other—Lami Philips

Nigerian singer, Lami Philips, is not happy with the way her fellow female folks work against the success of other women.

She advised women to always support themselves and not resort to the 'pull down syndrome'.

Lami made this known in one of her posts.

She said, “I'm not sure why this is an issue with most, especially us women. Once someone makes some stride, we will attribute it to a short cut, an aristo or some other crap.

“Have you ever thought to yourself that most have a journey you know nothing about? Have you thought to yourself that the journey in itself is lonely and 'real' is what most people crave?”

She advised that women to “support, show love, swallow your pride. You won't gain a pound from doing that. Practice it. Even if it's paining you (not sure why sha. Except its bad belle) support success.”

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