Nollywood On Fire | 17 May 2016 11:00 CET

I Got Carried Away and Not Wicked as People Paint me to Be…Actress, Mercy MacJoe Defends

Lovely Nollywood actress, Mercy Macjoe, was recently under serious attack from fans after a picture of her was released showing a young man tying her shoe lace while she was busy dancing with a friend.

This act got many angry with lots giving various meaning to her actions but knowing how her fans were mad at her, the actress has immediately come out to address the issue.

Mercy apologized for her actions while saying she never did it deliberately or wanting to hurt the man but was just carried away by the music she was playing and never noticed.

In her words, “With a humble heart I sincerely apologize for my incoherent behavior. Was so carried away by the groove of the song and was carefree to have noticed. I also thanked the young man immediately, some say it was dehumanizing while some agreed that it's was a mistake but you all should bear in mind that we are all humans and tend to be distracted at times. Promise to be more careful next time.”

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