Nollywood On Fire | 24 September 2015 08:45 CET

How Toyin Alausa was Sexually Harassed

Some actresses claim they have not had any bad experience in the hands of movie producers in terms of affairs for roles, but for actress, Toyin Alausa, the truth needs to be known.

The actress while recalling an ugly incident that played out between her and a popular movie producer, she disclosed that she never expected what happened as the man harassed her sexually which she walked away from.

She explained was promised a lead role in a movie but for her to achieve that she was told that she has to trade her body for such role which she declined.

“He is a film maker, someone I respected at that. He promised to give me a lead role on the condition that I sleep with him. I told him to his face that I could not do such. I asked him to keep the script and then felt bad because I felt I had disrespected him. But what was I to do? I can't humiliate myself all because I want to act in a movie.”

She stated that no matter how many movies or how known she is, she does not see herself too big as she still attends for auditions to see if she could get a movie role.

“That's why I always attend auditions. I don't see myself as being too big. Even in America, they call top actors and actresses for readings to be sure of who is suitable for a particular role. I appreciate it more when I go for auditions and I'm chosen than when I am given a back door job. It makes me feel I don't really deserve it because I never worked for it,” she told new telegraph.

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