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I Believe In Marriage, But Domestic Violence Scares Me- Shirley Igwe

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The name Shirley Igwe, needs little or no further introduction. The pretty actress has gradually carved an niche for herself in Nollywood.

Aside script interpretation, Igwe is also the Principal Protocol Officer to the Imo State Governor.

She's from a family of eight, had lots of fun while growing up and she had no idea what the world was all about because she was well shielded by her parents.

The time is ripe for the diva to have her own family, but in as much as she believes in marriage, domestic violence scares her away from Holy matrimony.

"I believe marriage is for better or worse and domestic violence should not be encouraged or tolerated in a union because it is not an act of love. I don't believe an individual will physically abuse someone he or she loves. Domestic violence scares me.

I might sound like a broken record, but I like honesty. Honest people are really hard to find these days, so I appreciate one whenever our paths cross. I dislike lies. I do not see any justification for people to lie. Almost everyone lies, but I don't like it especially when it comes from people that are close to me," she stated during a recent interview.

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