Nollywood On Fire | 3 July 2016 22:55 CET

Toyin Aimakhu Refuse to talk about being poisoned by Niyi Johnson


There was an allegation that Niyi Johnson wanted to poison Toyin Aimakhu before their breakup. The estrange pair has been quiet over what has really led to them breaking up. Trust Niyi, that guy is a tough nut to crack but Toyin speaks once in awhile about them.

She was the one who blamed Niyi for being a wayward husband which collapsed their marriage. Last week, the story of Niyi trying to kill Toyin came up and he has denied such story. 'I don't know where you got your story from, I don't know what you are talking about,' he said.

Toyin had to speak out that 'Silence is no longer golden,'and that she would open up very soon. We wonder what we will be hearing. This doesn't mean she is ready to talk about Niyi. 'If you don't mind, this is not something I want to talk about,' she said with finality.

The new twist to their story started when Niyi posted an on-set photo from the new Nollywood movie, Ufuoma. Someone attacked him with having love child named Enny who is currently staying at Ijebu, and went on to say that his real name isn't Johnson but Adewunmi. This person also said that Toyin was poisoned in her matrimonial home, that's why she fled the marriage.

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