Nollywood On Fire | 24 September 2016 23:33 CET

Stop being a bitch, Niyola chides women


By Rotimi Agbana
EME First Lady, Eniola Akinbo, popularly known as Niyola, has penned down a rather touching advice to ladies who think being rude and disrespectful connotes toughness.

The Toh Bad soul singer, who recently revealed that she would not release a party song because she wants to make people happy, took to her social media platform to pen down a timely advice to rude ladies. To the sultry soul singer, being a lady is enough to assert a woman's feminine powers.

“I had an interesting conversation yesterday and I thought to share this on here. Ladies, being rude and disrespectful doesn't make you boss or tough.

No matter how attractive you are, it is nasty! You can be confident, assertive and still attractive without being a bitch! I know some guys take the piss but girl! Keep it together! You already have an added advantage just being a woman, tap into that and you'll be A O K”.

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