General News | 16 May 2024 18:41 CET

Daniel Regha Reviews Phyna's Debut Movie “Last Man On Earth"

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular Nigerian reality TV star and former Big Brother Naija winner, Josephina Otabor, best known as Phyna has released her debut movie ‘Last man on earth.”

Following the release of her new movie which premiered on YouTube, social media critic and celebrity tormentor, Daniel Regha has taken it upon himself to give a review on the new movie. He stated that the movie was poorly directed, as there was no suspense.

He took to the popular microblogging platform X formerly known as Twitter to give his review on the new movie. He wrote;

“Just watched Phyna's debut film which she premiered on YouTube, judging from the 1 hr plus I've seen, it was p¤¤rly directed. 30mins into the movie I noticed sound issues, I had to watch on mute for about 8 mins twice. Another issue was the storyline, there's literally no suspense. Furthermore the acting was kinda off, I couldn't see the chemistry between Richard & his wife, another part was when Zara (Phyna) was crying like she's being forced. The love making scenes were also awfu!. Lastly, the film lacks realism, take for instance Richard being upset with Zara in the kitchen when she made a move on him, but failed to express shock/anger after she sexua!!y assau!ted him. It seems there was a break in transmission tho, cos the movie was cut short so I couldn't finish it. Nevertheless judging by what I've watched so far, it's a 2/10. Great cinematography by the way. No offense.”

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