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Paul Okoye's Girlfriend Is At It Again As She Reveals How She Feels When Criticized

By Agboola Ibrahim

Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma in a recent live session on Instagram centered her message on critics who seem relentless in dragging her on social media.

In her remarks she encouraged critic to continue spewing all sort of malicious insult on her in as much as she is never bothered or affected.

Recall that One year after parting ways with ex-wife Anita Okoye, Rudeboy moved on with a much younger girlfriend named Ivy Ifeoma in 2022. Ivy Ifeoma is a model and an influencer

However, since Paul Okoye unveiled Ivy as his lover, the Nigerian internet users have not ceased to berates the singer for cheating and besides Ivy has since then been the object of criticism.

In a recent video, Ivy Ifeoma reminded critics that she has never and will never be worried about criticism because they are only wasting their time trolling her social media pages.

Her words read:
“Talk rubbish from now till next year, it won’t move me. Wetin concern me; your word is your word,” she said in part. Talking about something does not mean you care so much about it. You might just want to clarify so that you can have an idea. It doesn't mean somebody really cares about it. I'm so grateful for people who have been following me for years, people that know me, not people that know through the relationship

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