Hot Issues | 15 December 2022 19:45 CET

Dj Cuppy In Trouble As UK Lady Drags Her For Snatching Her Man

By Agboola Ibrahim

Dj Cuppy, daughter of a business morgul, has been dragged by a UK influencer Fiona Michelle for taking away her man.

Recall that, few days ago, Dj Cuppy announced to have officially engaged with Ryan Taylor, a popular YouTuber and boxer.

In reaction to the engagement, Fiona shared a post via her official TikTok handle, revealing that she was in a relationship with DJ Cuppy’s fiance.

In a testament to Fiona's claim, Ryan Taylor was seen hanging around with popular Fiona Michelle, just shortly before the news of his engagement to DJ Cuppy.

Nevertheless, Fiona has shared her distress in a recent video of losing her boyfriend whom she described a "a bitch" to DJ Cuppy.

She said. ” Waking up to social media on a random Sunday, someone took my bitch.”

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