Hot Issues | 4 May 2017 14:48 CET

After 5years at The Convent, My Parents Were Asked to Take me Away…Producer, Clare Ezeakacha

Pretty and ever smiling Nollywood producer, Clare Ezeakacha, sure has some personal stories to share to many who are currently proud of what she does to make ends meet for herself.

Clare who has been very busy with new movie scripts, recently disclosed that her growing up was kind of cool with a happy family who were ready to always support her but the real aim was for her to be a Reverend Sister.

She explained that she was admitted at the Convent which she attended for about five years and due to the fact that she was always home sick, her parents were advised to take her home as they could no longer hold it.

According to her, “I was supposed to be a Reverend Sister but I came out of the Convent because I was always home sick so they called my parents to take me home. I wasn’t used to staying away from home. I spent 5 years there.”

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