Celebrity | 31 March 2017 11:37 CET

My Wife Taught me How to Eat on the Dining Table…Timi Dakolo

It’s been five good years in the home of singer, Timi Dakolo and his pretty wife, Busola, has they have been able to endure the pains that comes with marriage.

There have never been a time the two love birds brought their issues on social media yet they do have their ugly moments and they have always pulled through without calling a family meeting

Well, being their 5th year wedding anniversary, Timi decided to pen down some few words as he appreciates his wife for being that best friend he has been looking for.

In his speech, he wrote;
It’s been 5 amazing years...but it still feels like yesterday... thank god I didn't agree to be just friends... as you wanted to turn me to the zonal coordinator of the(friend zone)of south south.. as you can see, I now know how to fold my clothes properly. Eat on the dining table not on the bed. I am working on arranging the shoe part and it’s not easy. Please lets go back to the time when i could sing and you will just forgive me..don't do this see finish na ..let my music still touch you... and abeg ehn.. try not to always be calling my full names during argument.. it scares me.. i am still looking for a pigin English teacher for you. Fighting with good English is really funny because words like( expedient) can’t be thrown into an argument.. Just so you know we are still dating even if we have been married 5 years now. let me just say it now, I don’t like aerobics, I always feel useless afterwards. Do your thing alone, please I like sleep, it’s not nice that you wake me up 3am and whisper baby I want to talk to you half of the time.. I am just nodding. I didn’t hear jack..and when I say baby you are right..it’s just so you can let me sleep. Please forgive my anyhow behaviours in advance. i love you Busola Dakolo, forever is just a start. forever was made for you and me.

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