Nollywood Fashion Police | 13 September 2016 01:54 CET

Meet Nigerian girl rocking US modeling industry


Joy Ugochi John,US-based Nigerian model may not for now rate as high as Naomi Campbell or Iman but the hugely breasted damsel has got the guts to do things these great models would hesitate to do. She's certainly a fiery item with attitude to take her to any altitude she desires.

Recently, Joy posted some nude pictures of herself, with a paint work that camouflaged as some lingerie or swim trunk of  sort. While this act might have got on the wrong side of some people, to Joy, it is art and she was only doing her job. Her face and figure are to be seen dotting several billboards across the United States of America.

When one annoying poker tried to slam the busty model for being too raunchy in her photos, she didn't mince words in giving him her piece of mind: “I exist in my terms, so let nobody judge the God-given modeling talent in me. I thank God for his mercy and love over me,” she retorted.

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