Nollywood Fashion Police | 23 December 2015 09:32 CET

BEWARE!!! Before That Waist Trainer Damage Your Body

Source: Atiba Yetunde/

Waist trainer is not new to women out there who want to have an hourglass shape. The use of waist trainers has become the fitness hack for female celebrities who want to reduce the size of their midsection and make the waist trimmer.

The waist trainer is common with ladies who have tummy fats and they believe they can conquer this imperfection by wearing the waist trainers six hours daily for about a month, which is the assurance they get from the sellers of the waist trainers.

Many people use it to get a permanent slim waistline; others put it on for temporary purposes to enhance their figures on certain outfits and to boost their confidence.

Doctors have come out to warn ladies and women that are involved in the use of the trainers to stop as there is no scientific fact that has proved that waist trainers work for their use but rather it causes damages to the body.

Some of the dangers listed are that they cause digestive problem and affect food intake and can cause difficulty in breathing and rib damage if worn tight. Also, waist trainers are said to have the ability to cause harm to major internal organs in the stomach, which might cause pain and discomfort and compressed lungs.

To remain fit, doctors have advised having exercises and healthy diets.

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