Nollywood Fashion Police | 6 September 2012 01:45 CET

Uche Jombo's Hubby, Kenny Rodriguez Caught By NFC's Fashion Police In US For Oversize Wear

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/
Uche with hubby, Kenny Rodriguez

Uche with hubby, Kenny Rodriguez

Over the weekend, Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo stormed the United States of America for Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA), which was held in New York. While there, she used the opportunity to screen her new movie at the film festival held before the main awards ceremony.

Trust's 'aproko', we would surely get some gist except we don't want to report any. Our fashion police caught Uche Jombo's hubby, Kenny Rodriguez in the US for his 'oversized' wear to the event he went with his wife.

Uche Jombo, for the first time after her marriage, made a public appearance with her hubby. Trust Uche, she was looking cute on her dress. But for her husband, Kenny Rodriguez, only God knows what happened that day.

It was visible that Kenny went for the event in the 'old school' way and not the trending body-fitted wears that is now in vogue. One could see that three to four other legs could still fit in the trousers he was wearing. His jacket top, as seen in the picture above, had its shoulder's sides flowing down his shoulders' joints. Hmm, oversized or what?

This is totally different from his dress style as seen with his wedding suit. Or did he just reluctantly go out for the event or did he wear that outfit deliberately?

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