Nollywood On Fire | 30 May 2016 13:00 CET

See how Nollywood actress, Ronke Oshodi Oke disgraced herself openly !

Source: Hope Efoghe/

celebrities clapping back at fans who bullies them is beginning to get interesting by the day. Gone at the days when celebrities allow sleeping dog to lie, when fans comes for them.

Cyber bulling might just not go away anytime soon, as fans seem to enjoy rattling celebrities most times. A fan bullied busty actress, Ronke Oshodi Oke recently when she posted a selfie with co-actress, Adunni Ade.

The picture had the screen diva sticking out her tongue, and this got a fan pissed as he said, Ronke's tongue needs surgery.

Giving a clap back, Ronke Oshodi Oke responded saying, if her tongue needs a surgery then that of his mum needs to be cut off, and if the mum is late, then the daughter or wife's tongue should be chopped off.

Well, on the course of doing so, the actress didn't watch her grammatical error, as she wrote 'Alive as A life.'

Truth is, no one is above mistake, but one would expect this simple word to be well spelled by a celebrity of her caliber.

In her words: "if mine needs surgery, then your mum's tongue needs to be cut off if she's still a life. If not, then you have to cut off your wife or daughter's thanks."

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