Nollywood On Fire | 11 June 2018 17:49 CET

Until you learn to love others, love will always depart from you-Actress, Georgina Onuoha Curses

Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, is not happy with the way some women go about dragging their fellow women down all in the name of wanting perfection.

The actress took out time to pen down curses on any woman who does not understand the pain a fellow lady goes through but hide under a social media account to blast them.

Read below what she said;
Until you learn to love others, love will always depart from you. Until you learn to see the good in others, nothing good will happen to you. Until you learn to lift others up, you shall always remain a down trodden. Until you learn to celebrate others, you will never be celebrated. If your specialty is to always bring people down, scorn their success, gloat over their pains, nothing beautiful will ever happen to you. Some Nigerian women with private and faceless accounts have specialized and perfected the act of bringing their fellow women down. You go after Actresses that they are not married, when they marry you wish them divorce, when they decided to empower themselves, you want to bring them down.

When you see them thriving, you automatically think they have to be sleeping with men to get a head start at happiness. If they decide to keep their relationship private, you accuse them of “no go marry because their ex don marry” in shut some Nigerian women are so useless and incorrigible. Please go and remove the planks in your eyes before you see the woods or sticks in ours. We are all not perfect and are bound to make mistakes. What makes us beautiful is our ability to pick up ourselves regardless of the challenges life throws at us. I bet it will do you a lot of good to be kind with your utterances towards people who don’t meet your definition of “perfection”. If you have never worn another woman’s shoes, don’t you ever judge them because nemesis will always catch up with you. If any woman decides to keep her relationship private and dear to her hearts. let them be. Their experiences have reinforced such decisions, so respect that. We are not obliged to tell you or show you the drummer to the beats we dance to. You are not entitled to anyone’s private life. Respect is Reciprocal.

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