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I’m Not Growing Out Of Shape—Movie Star, Angela Okorie

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Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie is one star that has found success in movie production. The former Delta Soap gal, who has just wrapped up work on her soon-to-be-released film entitled Nwa Abakaliki in South Africa, in this interview with Entertainer, opens up on her career and regrets.

What have you been up to lately?
I have been on and off locations doing what I love doing best, movies.

When is your new movie, Nwa Abakaliki in South Africa hitting Nollywood?
Oh, you know about it (laughter)? It will be out soon. My fans should watch out! A lot of people are already waiting for the film and I am confident that they will not be disappointed.

Tell us about the film?
Nwa Abakaliki is the story of a girl who though naïve does not joke about her moral life. Her husband is based abroad but she puts up a village lifestyle that is devoid of modernity yet everyone who comes across her likes her. And there is language barrier because the only language she understands is her native Abakaliki vernacular. I think it is a beautiful comedy everybody should watch out for.

Did you shoot the entire film in South Africa?
We shot part of it in South Africa but shot the village scenes in Nigeria. I used two directors, a Nigerian who directed the Nigerian scenes and a South African who directed the South African scenes.

Some people believe that you usually battle with comedy roles while trying to interpret your lines. If that is true, why do you still insist on doing comedy?
No, no… that is not true at all. I have never struggled interpreting comedy roles. I have done a lot of comedy and I still get called up to do comedy. I am a professional and I can play any role with ease including comic roles.

What was the budget like considering that the shuttle between Nigeria and South Africa could be capital intensive?
The budget was quite high but I thank God who gave us the grace to pull through.
There have been instances where producers kept artistes stranded after venturing into high-budget movies but got struck due to paucity of funds midway into production.

Some of your fans feel that you have lost your old 'Delta Girl' figure. What is responsible for the increase in size?
No, I don't think I am getting out of shape but I agree that there have been some added flesh here and there. It happens sometimes. You cannot look the same all your life.

Any plan to hit the gym soon?
Of course, I do. I always visit the gym whenever time permits. But I guess I have to pay more attention to it now. You know the job is so stressful and the gym is a sure bet to keep fit and be in shape.

There have been a couple of controversial stories about you which you once ascribed to your enemies and mischief makers. What do you think inspired such hatred against you?
I wish I knew the reason. All I know is that you don't have to do any wrong to be hated; everybody must not like you. The truth about life is that if people don't hate or criticise you, it shows that you are not important. You must be important for people to hate you and try to run you down. But the more people hate you, the more you will progress if you are nice. And for me, I don't give a hoot about my haters as long as what I am doing is right; I don't lose sleep over haters.

Sometime last year, you joined the likes of Nkem Owoh and some other artistes whose death rumour went viral on social media. Have you forgiven those behind that rumour?
Yes I have. The thing is that sponsors of such do not realise that such evil campaigns usually turn out a publicity campaign for their victims. I was actually working on set when they started that rumour and suddenly my phone line became inundated with calls. A lot of people were crying and raising concern. And I told them that I was alive and kicking. That death-rumour incident made me to realise how much people loved me. It even made me more popular. The evil peddlers had only added many more years to my life. So, I don't care about what people say about me.

You were once quoted that your husband is the best in the world and some people interpreted the statement as being directed at your haters. Was that the situation?
I always try to keep my home and my profession apart. But I can confirm to you that my husband loves me and understands me so much. And that is what matters most to me.

Do you still remember how you said 'yes' the day he proposed to you?
(Laughter) I remember that he proposed to me twice and I said yes the second time. We courted for about three years before we finally got married.

How was it for you facing the camera for the first time in Nollywood?
It did not pose any challenge to me because Nollywood was not my first time of facing the camera. Remember that I was into modelling before hitting Nollywood. And moreover, facing the camera is something I have been doing since my childhood days. As a child, I was doing drama in church and during my school days I also did drama. However, acting before the camera is really a different ball game.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done to you?
It was when I travelled to the US and this fan suddenly walked up to me and kissed me. I was screaming but he just laughed it off and walked away. He was like, 'now that I have kissed you, what can you do about it?'

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How close are you to God?
I am very close to God; I don't joke with my God at all. I say my prayers regularly to appreciate Him for always being there for me. He is my all and the reason for my life; I put him first in whatever I do.

How often do you get romantic advances from men especially those who are unaware or refuse to accept that you are married?
Ah, no, everybody knows that I am married; I no longer experience such.

Let us talk about your tattoo. Why did you inscribe the sign of the cross as part of your tattoo?
My tattoo is not the sign of the cross but the face of Jesus Christ and what is written there is 'In God Almighty I Trust.'

Why did you choose that line?
I love God and trust only in Him. The tattoo has been there forever, even before I started acting. If I had done it after I started acting, I would not have done such a big tattoo and I would have had it at a hidden place. Most times we have to cover it up with costume so it does not affect the film I am shooting.

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