Nollywood Hardtalk | 10 August 2015 06:10 CET

My Mother collapsed, Died After Reading About Who My Biological Was

Legendary Fuji singer, Sir Shina Peters who happens to be the father of wave making music video producer, Clarence Peters, has revealed that despite his fame, music took one of his precious gift away from him.

Explaining what happened; the singer stated that after attaining fame, his mother had read in a paper that his father was not his biological father and she got amazed and collapsed.

He disclosed that his mother was in coma for six months before she finally gave up the ghost.

According to him, “My mother. I lost my mother to stardom. She read about my paternity and what she read shocked her. Let me quote her and may her gentle soul rest in peace (amen). I will now give a child to two fathers? Impossible.' After saying this, she went down, collapsed and was in coma for six months before she died. It was a huge price to pay.

“My mother had a daughter for a man before marrying my father. But this man also bears the same name with my biological father. She met my father three years after separating from the man. My father married my mother with the daughter and took care of her as his own daughter.

“However, some journalists met with this man and asked him if he was my father. He answered in the affirmative being a Yoruba man with the candid belief that if my father could accommodate and take care of his daughter like his, then he is also my father,” he told a national daily.

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