Nollywood Hardtalk | 15 February 2017 07:04 CET

Trouble: Actress, Joke Jigan ‘Slaps’ Nigerian Soldier for Insulting her

Nollywood actress, Joke Jigan, has been enjoying her life the way she knows how and never bothered about what people say or perceive about her personality but one thing one can’t take away from her is the fact that she is ready to serve it hot as it is.

Sometimes in 2016, the actress became a subject of discuss and gossips after she shared a raunchy picture of herself and her man, and the internet was sent into frenzy as she got bashed by many.

Well, she kept her cool even though she threw jibes at some of the nasty comments she got but recently, she took many back to the same picture by enlightening her fans that they don’t understand what it means to find real and true love.

According to her, “Ok so let me take you all back to this day last year when I posted this picture and a lot of you all insulted me and a lot just couldn’t wait to see his face and today am reposting it because love is not how long you have been together, not how much you have given or receive, not how many times you have helped each other, it’s actually how you value each other! You are that man that value this naughty me with all of my naughtiness and you are my VAL!!!!!! Happy val BABAJEG I love you!!!!!!”

Despite her explanation, she still did not escape the axe of a Nigerian Soldier who came insulting her that she is just making a fool of herself in public. “You just making fool of ya sef. Adds no value to your womanhood. Publicizing your intimate pix...... That's bulls hit!!”

Well, sisi Joke was stroked in the wrong spot as she proved that she is not Boko Haram as she threw her own bomb back at the officer who could not mind his business. “Go fix your ugly face and monkey looking mouth before you put it in my business oponu agbalagba”

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