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UNIPORT Killings: Nigerian Entertainers Express Their Grievance

By Delia Innoma

Nigerian entertainers in the music and movie world have all termed the UNIPORT killing as barbaric. Those who voiced out their grievances

on the Aluu community include actors and actresses such Jim Iyke, Yemi Blaq, Okey Bakassi, Grace Amah, Jennifer Eliogu, Emeka Duru, and musicians like Hon. Tony One-Week, Mr. Kool to mention but a few.

As the country struggles to come to terms with the extreme gruesomely murdered of the students by some illiterate mob from Omuokere Aluu community, Rivers State, Nigerian celebrities have decided not to stay mute on the matter.

Please read their comments:

Honorable Tony One-Week (Nollywood Actor and Musician)

It is a shame that in year 2012, we still experience what happened to these Uniport students that were illegally murdered based on allegation. A man is deemed innocent until he is found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. I solidly stand with other concerned Nigerians to condemn this action in totality. This is barbaric jungle justice. Government must stand up to its job of securing life and property. Too bad.

Yemi Blaq (Nollywood Actor)

I think it is absolute barbarian: And anyone who kills in the name of any course is a murderer. My heart is broken.

Jim Iyke (Nollywood Actor)

Someone needs to remind me again we are in a democratic society. We act like these reprehensible acts of senseless waste of precious lives is in a civil war. Our sweep-it-under-the-carpet and move on syndrome is taking us at an unprecedented height. We need to rise up as an entity and decry this evil in our security system or it will take us all under in the wake of its tide. I'm not a doomsday messenger but it's easy to see where this propensity is leading us.

Okey Bakassi (Nollywood Actor/Comedian)

What we are experiencing today in Nigeria as exemplified by the Uniport killings is a demonstration of the collapse of the entity called Nigeria. It's a failure of leadership at all levels: Executive, Judicial, Legislative, Religious, Cultural, etc., people are slow to love and quick to hate. The world is becoming more sophisticated in the act of wickedness. Where were the police all through the ordeal of those boys? In this GSM era…all those who supervised the barbaric killings of those young boys probably claim to know God. Shame on us all.

Jennifer Eliogu (Nollywood Actress)

Justice must take its course.

Grace Amah (Nollywood Actress)

The incident was traumatizing, horrendous, barbaric, despicable, geeky and simply wicked to have taken place at this level of development of the human race. If nothing is done to stop this high level of barbarism in our land, it will add to the image challenges Nigeria is facing and puts a question mark on the leadership of the University authorities in Nigeria. We have laws, why wouldn't the laws be applied where students infringe on them in matters as ordinary as stealing phones and laptops at a time our national source of economic growth-the oil is being stolen daily and the toil thieves are celebrated. Nigerians are waiting to get an answer from the authorities of the University of Port Harcourt and Jonathan government as to why such future in those young men will be wasted for nothing.

Junior Pope (Nollywood Actor)

It's absolutely barbaric, whichever way you want to look at it. It's horrible in the sight of God and man. I condemn it with my last breath, even if they were caught with guns. Why do we have the police and the law? It is inhumanity to man .No one, I repeat, no one deserves such and those who did this should be behind bars. May their souls rest in peace!

Lawrence Lurrenz Onuzulike (Nollywood Actor/Author)

I think it's barbaric. It makes me wonder if Nigerians still believe in God. In what part of the Bible did God say we should kill people–even if they stole phones? And what made it more painful is that I'm here in Germany giving speeches, trying to convince Nigerians here that it's time to move back home and join in the development of the country and GBAM! This exploded. I'm short of words

Mr. Kool (Nigerian Musician)

There have been some controversies about the incident and the actual offence of the killed students. But I think one point is clear, mob action or jungle justice is totally unacceptable. The killing was barbaric, the victims had the right to life, the right to defend themselves and be punished under the law if found guilty of any crime. The authorities should bring the perpetrators to book. It is really unfortunate.

Emeka Duru

I've seen the video. I didn't know they were students, so bad. I understand they stole laptop and phone. This is barbaric dear I would have said yes to the killings if they had guns and had killed someone but just for laptop and phone? That's bad. Not that I support stealing but they should have taken them to the police station.

Charles Abazie (Nollywood Actor)

The killing of the Uniport students was sadistic and inhumane. The village people in Port Harcourt should have handed them to the proper authorities. The people involved should be brought to book and properly prosecuted. We have laws in Nigeria and nobody is above the law

Don Saint (Nigeria Musician)

This is the worst act I have ever seen in my whole life

Lily Jean (Nigerian Musician)

I am sure by now some of you have watched the video of the brutal killings of the four University of Port Harcourt students – Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka, by the indigenes of Aluu community in Port Harcourt. If you haven't watched the video, please don't bother. It's the most gruesome and the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen. It will break your heart!

Now I'm convinced that we have lost our souls as humans. The youths of this nation did this! People's children! Beaten till they were unconscious, and then set on fire. They said they were robbers…were they? Really? Even if they were, is this how to treat another human being? Are we this Barbaric in this country?

We're all still in shock. Please use the comment form below to voice your own message, we assure you that important people are reading and taking notes.

Kelly Akara (Nollywood Actor)

It's a very sad thing. Why did the people of that community take laws into their hands? No matter what they did, at least we have police stations where they can take them, rather than taking their lives. I watched the video, omg! I stand to condemn the barbaric act. I totally condemn what the vigilante group or whatever they call themselves did. So the state government should step in. Yea!

Sylvanus Madu (Nigeria Actor)

It's Barbaric and foolishness of the highest order. No human has the right to take another man's life, not even with the law. That's why some countries change their laws not to sentence to death but life in prison. I disagree with jungle justice, real madness. And to think that people were there watching and recording it with their phones shows the heartlessness and wickedness of the people in that area. Abi dem think say na home video abi stage play? It's terrible how callous some Nigerians can be.

Patience Johnson (Nigerian Author)

I feel sad. This is very wrong. Why are heart of men so wicked?

Chigozie Atuanya (Nollywood Actor)

I'm not happy about the fools that killed those boys but God will see them.

Charles Abazie (Nollywood Actor)

The killing of the Uniport students was sadistic and inhumane. The village people in Port Harcourt should have handed them to the proper authorities. The people involved should be brought to book and properly prosecuted. We have laws in Nigeria and nobody is above the law.

Don Saint (Nigeria Musician)

This is the worst act I have ever seen in my whole life.

B' Sala (Nigeria Musician)

I will advise people not to take laws into their hands. Everyone has the right to prove himself before the court of law. We are civilized people and we should respect the law. Those guys could have been accused falsely or could truly be guilty but they should have been handed over to the police for further investigation. We operate democracy and we should respect that. I am not in support of crime but I strongly object to people taking laws into their hands, and parents should train their children not to try to get what their parents cannot afford to give them through crimes.

L Chronicle (Nigeria Musician)

I think that act by the people that killed these students is an act of wickedness and it reminds us of the insecurity level in our country Nigeria. I mean where were those that were supposed to guard lives and protect properties? They were supposed to get to the scene before the jungle justice was carried out. Anyways, I think the real truth behind the story is not yet disclosed. This is my own opinion

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