Celebrity Picks | 9 May 2019 11:27 CET

Celebrated Nigerian female Model "Fynest" signed to "NR" Naija Revelation

By Tleneeg Metaphor

Celebrated Nigerian female Model "Fynest" has finally put pen on paper to a management and publishing deal with "NR" Naija Revelation. Currently in Nigeria, the deal that was being pushed by Nigerian female Model "Fynest" has come through after a year of negotiations.

As "Virginberry" [CEO ZMG Worldwide], "Tlenee.G" [CEO NaijaRevelation], Officially presents a talented female model popularly known as 🔻"Fynest"🔻 currently under "NR" Naija Revelation

All eyes are on "Fynest" now to see what this deal will do for her and her fans.

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