Nollywood Fashion Police | 11 September 2011 10:23 CET


By Bolatito Adebayo

Most of our fashion court convicts were picked at Mercy Johnson's wedding. Honestly, we think those mean- looking bouncers at the gate should have bounced some of these style culprits because of their tasteless outfits.

We were also surprised to have an unresolved mysterious case this time around. Why? It is because we needed to know why a supposedly mature would flaunt a tattoo on her thigh. The tattoo was really high up, you know, and we had to fly in a renowned forensic expert to look at the crime scene. Let's see how this case will end. However, we promise that justice will prevail!


The whole point of having a tattoo above the knee and wearing something as short as this is to show it off, isn't it? This is very distracting. We are sure you didn't forget your pants somewhere. Rather this is a deliberate act of style insubordination. Get over this scandalous dressing, madam! And please, have pity on the guy that would eventually pay the bride price. You don't place valuable wares at T-junctions. Pay N10 million fine.

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