General News | 10 June 2024 16:24 CET

Even If You Die, Na Your Fault: Nollywood Actress Warns Ladies Against Being Victims 

By Oluwarantimi Oludase 

Following the recent increase in kidnappings and ritual killings in the country, popular Nollywood actress, Mary Remmmy Njoku, has given her quota to many Nigerians especially women.

The actress advised women to be careful of whatever they do so as not to become prey to wicked activities. She stated that though the kidnapping rate and ritual killingbhas been rampant among women, women are not still spared in the society.

She said that Nigerians are fond of criticizing females. She took to Instagram to make her point known. She said;

“Dear ladies, whatever you do, don’t ever be a victim in Nigeria. Cos your own do finish.

Even if you die, ‘na your fault.’ Sad. We need to start doing better as a people!

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