Hot Issues | 13 March 2023 19:42 CET

Sleeping With Mandy Invites Bad Luck To My Life

By Agboola Ibrahim

Popular Instagram influencer, Salo, has lamented his current unfavorable situation, which according to him is the consequence of sleeping with his friend and colleague, Mandy Kiss.

Salo has been trending on social media following his live Instagram session. In the session, he bitterly regretted having sexual affair with Mendy because she is an embodiment of bad luck. He claimed to have lost his social and economic status after his copulation with Mandy.

Salo while narrating his ordeal stated that ever since he "knacked" the influencer, Mandy Kiss, he has stoped receiving credit alerts from clients.

Shedding out details with his friends, Salo said that he had several intercourses with Mandy Kiss and he believes that this brought lots of bad luck to him.

Following his lamentation, he endlessly showered curses on Mandy for putting him in this helpless situation.

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