General News | 5 March 2023 14:29 CET

Son Reveals Mother's Strange Behaviour Towards Him After Father's Death

By Agboola Ibrahim

Social media influencer, Chude, has informed his followers on his official Twitter page about his mother's abrupt change of behaviour and her manner of relationship towards him just after the departure of his father.

Chude lost his father to illness last year December. Nevertheless, his father's death has changed his mother's behaviour towards him. His mother has resorted to strengthening the bond between them to fill his father's gap.

Chude revealed that his mother becomes so fond of him and calls him every minutes to have conversations on wide range of subjects. This, according to Chude was not what he enjoyed while his father was alive.

Furthermore, The social media User, disclosed that at some point he gets tired of his mother's lengthy chats, because her calls comes when he is busy doing something.

His post read:
Since my Dad passed away, my mom calls me everyday telling me how her day went, everything happening around her & things she ordinarily doesn't discuss with me. She always tells me in between our phone call; you know u are now my husband.

Losing a life partner can be devastating
Sometimes I get tired and bored of the talks, so many times she calls when I'm very busy but I understand she is lonely, I understand I'm the only person who can fill this vacuum. This is something money cannot buy. Talking to me seems to be her source of strength.

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