Nollywood On Fire | 12 September 2022 13:33 CET

Bobrisky Threatens To Arrest Sabinus

By Agboola Ibrahim

A popular Nigeria cross dresser, Bobrisky has in a tweet response to Sabinus, a popular Nigeria skit maker by threatening to arrest him.

The whole argument balls down from a thread released by Bobrisky in his wall which was followed by Sabinus reacting to it.

The reaction sparked Bobrisky,s temper particularly because he/she was referred to as "senior man" by Sabinus.

Bobrisky: "I don't have a single problem like this, let me just keep enjoying my money and the ones my boyfriends give to me too once in a while"

Mr Funny: "Senior man your face show and your shoe shine"

Bobrisky: "Na your papa be senior man. I will soon arrest you.

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