Nollywood On Fire | 28 May 2015 22:56 CET

Burna Boy Says He Is God's Blessings To Females

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

He is known for his blunt lyrics and word play that keeps most of his fans and critics stuck to his music. He is young and the ladies cannot just have enough of him.

Recently, Burna Boy was in the news for allegedly threatening any one who would stand in his way to success, even as far as warning online media sites to be careful or else he would murder his detractors.

Now, he has warned his critics again who are saying he does not look as fit as he did some years ago. The critics have pointed out that he has lost his athletic frame and his attractive abdominal muscles '6 Packs', have disappeared due to excessive drinking.

He flexed his 6 packs and captioned it, "I see some comments saying I lost my six pac.. Lol Puhleez (Please) don't make me go back to d gym on you gyalis because that would just be straight up unfair to your bae's. God's blessing to the feminine gender."

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