Nollywood On Fire | 3 June 2017 19:46 CET

I’m Proud That I don’t Borrow Clothes to Wear…Actress, Ayoola Kikelomo

Nollywood actress, Ayoola Kikelomo, for some time now has been very outspoken and she does not care whose toes she steps upon since she knows she is speaking the truth.

She has chosen to live a life of one man mopol based on challenges she has faced with some people she calls her friend and that has made her extremely careful.

Expressing her kind of personality, the actress was bold enough to state that she no longer cares about what is being said about her since she knows that she does not beg to eat neither does she borrow clothes to wear.

In her words, “I don't fuck with a lot of people cause l've seen them talk shit about everybody they cool with. You can't keep dancing with the devil and wondering why you're still in hell. Stay lowkey, not everyone's needs to know everything about you. I have the right to express my beautiful self because at least what I am putting on is not a borrow pose.”

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