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Actress Toyin Aimakhu Johnson Says it's very Okay for Ladies to Scrutinize their Man's Phone (Watch)


About to celebrate her 1 year wedding anniversary with hubby Johnson, Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu in a chat with Liz Yemoja, says a lot of women set their marriages up for failure right from day one.

While trying to defend why she said she has no one in her family that will support her if she says she wants to leave her husband today, Toyin told Liz:

Trust me, a lot of ladies lie to themselves. Let me cite an example - if you are with a man, if the man does not love you, you will know. If the man is not the kind of man you can live with, you will know. That's why relationships are necessary.

When Liz cut in that it's possible for a married man to act like he loves you, easily trick and deceive a single lady for as long as he wants, Toyin continued:

That means you don't have time for the relationship. I cannot have a relationship with a man without knowing if the man is married or not. Come on. Am I stupid? Why won't you take your man's phone? Why won't your man [let you take his phone?]

•Liz: You take your man's phone? Are you sure?

Toyin: Sure! Why won't I take his phone? The bible says when you are married, you people become one..

•Liz: So you look at your husband's phone regularly?

Toyin: I don't have to look at his phone regularly. His phone is my phone and my phone is his phone. So, I know everybody. If I don't know the person my husband is talking to, then there's something. I have to know everything. The only time I don't know what my husband is doing is when he wants to have... say... a surprise party for me. And.. come on.. I have to know everything.

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