Behind the scene | 6 July 2005 00:12 CET

I wear tattoos in hidden parts of my body to drive my husband crazy

Delectable actress, Ayodele Adesanya, never knew that fame was lurking in the corner when she featured in Richard Mofe Damijo's Out of Bounds in 1998. Shortly after that, things started falling in place.

Presently married to Gori Hassan, a scriptwriter, Ayo, who acts hath in English and Yoruba movies, admits that she has lost count of the movies she has featured in.
Today, Ayo has taken her career further by becoming a producer, a new role which she attributes to her husband's moral support.

At her Banure Street, Ojuelegba residence, the talented actress, who hails from Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, speaks on her works, the break in her career, love life, among others.

Recent work
Otelemuye is very challenging because it is action packed. I featured about 300 cast. You can imagine working with 300 artistes. It was not easy. The film is a gangster stuff. Why the film is like that is because it paraded artistes of the Yoruba and Nollywood extractions. So, it wasn't easy working with such a large number of people.

Demands of movie production
I had always been an actress until I met my husband Gori Hassan. When we met, our ideas met. He was like, 'Oh! I have wanted to produce movies, and I was like 'waoh' I wanted to produce movies. One thing led to the other. He would write the scripts while I direct the story. Sometimes, he directs while I act. But we handle production together. Sometimes, when there are missing links while I am on set, he fills in the gaps. I also make props, costumes and construct sets on locations.
Are you fully back in Nollywood, since you were busy producing
Well, it depends on the kind of 'producing', you mean. Yeah, I am fully back, though I was busy producing babies (laughter) and movies and really I have done about four English movies, they are not out. And presently, as you can see, I am in middle of another rehearsal for my next movie. It takes a lot of dancing, music, a lot of rehearsal and research. It is a Yoruba movie, but it is something that is different from what we have done in Gboko-gboko and Otelemuye.

Coming into limelight
That must be Out of Bounds by RMD. What actually happened was that when I was taking part in Palace, I was also doing Out of Bounds at the same time. The movie immediately brought me out. You see, when God wants to bring you out, everything will just fall in place. After that, I started receiving invitations one after the other.

Marriage and intimate roles
No. I don't. I have really tempered down on my romantic roles. I still play some roles but they came out clean somehow. But it is a movie world, and the director controls certain things.
Well, I am coping. Marriage has been a good thing.You know they are two different things. I have to take care of the baby and other domestic chores you have to do as a housewife. I manage the two because I cannot abandon either.

Acting and fortune
Yeah. I thank God for that. I can say that on a daily basis (laughter), the industry is growing, but it could be better.

Sexual harassment in Nollywood
No! no! I have never been harassed. It has not come to the situation whereby you have to do this before you can have this. Sincerely, between you and I, if you are good, there is nothing anyone can do about it. If you are good, producers will come for you. It was not so during my own time. I don't know. If you are good, you will get the role.

Uniform Tattoo
Actually, that is a very sensitive question which I don't like answering. What actually happened was that he has been having this tattoo. He made it a thing of surprise for me. When I had my baby, he was quite excited and he asked me what I wanted as gift. I told him, I wanted a tattoo. Then, we were in the US. And that was it, but it was quite painful. The experience is like poking needles into your body and you have to stay still to get the best result. While the needle was there, blood would be gushing out but it will be mopped and disinfected.

Which other parts do you have them, apart from your arm?
(Laughter) In the areas that are hidden, you know somewhere 'tattooable'. (laughter) to make my husband go crazy.

So, what was your growing up like?
It was ok. because I grew up with my mum, I lost my father some 15 years ago. So, my mum was the one taking care of our responsibilities. And I thank God that she did a good job. There are three of us. I have two brothers, one is doing his national youth service while the other one is still in the university.

Words for your hubby
(Laughter) Can you imagine? Emm, what I want to tell him, is that he tickles my fancy. He should just keep it up because he knows where to get me anytime. He should keep it up. There is one other thing, I want him to know that I will always love him.

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