Hot Issues | 20 August 2017 12:00 CET

Your Bad Comments on Social Media will Hunt you down…Actress, Lizzy Anjorin

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin, is not happy with some set of people that come to social media to insult celebrities or colleagues firing shots at others.

The actress took her time to reveal that there is nothing done either good or bad that there is no effect as everyone will also have a share of what they have done to others.

“Social media is like death, we shall all taste the unfair and negative side of it!! If you derive joy in putting comments that will bring tears to people's face or your hobby is to leak shit about someone that's ordain to be great, you are an agent of pain and destruction, one day you will be there too and your bad comments will return to you in billion folds whether you are dead or alive.‎ Even friends or some so called colleagues, that have been attacking their fellow colleagues with horrible comments with private accounts has been put to miserable shame in return on social media (won mo ra won).‎

‎”Consider accident, man slaughter, sickness, domestic violence, ritualism, one chance, Armed robbery, Baddo, terrorism, nature (water,fire etc), slip of the tongue/blunder/typographical error, brokenness, bad marriage victims etc .. behold, 90% of these victims are not celebrities but one way or the other, they find themselves on social media... Don't forget your bad comments will hunt you down and it will hit you so bad that you will beg for death. As a matter of fact, the most sweetest thing some of you love doing is inviting people to come and leave bad comments on a post.. Whether you are a celebrity or not, rich or poor, young or old, social media is like death, it has no respect for anybody and we shall all taste the unfair and negative side of it.

“My first story on one popular insta____ was last year february, by a lady who feels as a celebrity that I am, she could cook up false allegation to dent my image, she was so excited because of the massive bad comments against me, but that same platform has rubbished her 6times this year.. I realize whatever you do on social media will be done to you in billion folds. You carry your matter for hand and carry another person issue for head, walahi wetin go hit go worst pass BADDO STONE because if the karma of social media hit u? you might not survive it. You may think you are catching fun but believe me, when the fun of karma hit you in return?? you are lucky if you are dead but i pray you remain alive to reap the fruit of your miserable time and wasting of MB on social media‎.”

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