Hot Issues | 13 January 2017 12:52 CET

After Giving his Life to Christ, Actor Benson Okonkwo Receives Blessings

Handsome Nollywood actor, Benson Okonkwo, has not had too good palatable relationships with some set of people who have continually talked about his sexuality.

He has been called various names and given various descriptions yet he has not allowed that to affect his personality.

The actor while looking at the way the youths have been behaving these days, decdied to share some words of advice where he pointed out that the youths needs to draw closer o God and stay away from the various dirty lives they are living.

He stressed that there is the need to focus and spend more time with God and also try to pay tithe for things to move well as planned.

In his words, “Urgent Read and share. Run to God and see a difference. Always put God first in all that you do my people. It's so sad that 70 percent of our young girls are now using their bodies to make money in other to meet up and our young boys are into yahoo and gigolos. Where is your morals, where is your faith in God? Never lose hope, stop complaining, keep pushing hard, move closer to God he answers all prayers.

“Be born again my people don't forget to pray often, live a good life; don't forget your body is the temple of God. Stay away from fornication then love your brothers as yourself pay your tithe help the needy, visit the motherless babies don't announce all this things then ask God for a Favour then pray and see what God will do in your life it worked for me, my people and I am sure it will work for you God did a huge thing in my life and I will give my testimonies soon my people I am forever great full Lord it can only be you.”

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