Hot Issues | 25 May 2017 11:53 CET

Half Naked Girls are Hot, Remember Hell is Hot…Actress, Kikelomo Ayoola Warn Ladies

Seriously, when some people are busy talking about the situation of the country or busy stabbing others on the back, Nollywood actress, Kikelomo Ayoola, is busy voicing out what she feels some set of people are doing to bring down others and the likes.

The actress has been very vocal for a while now and that is because the rate at which various events keep unfolding is worth talking about.

This time, she has decided to pick her fellow ladies who go around giving their bodies to all kinds of men that comes their way all for the sake of money and living a luxurious lifestyle.

In her words, “When a guy open a car door for a girl, it's either the girl is new or the car is new.​​ A guy asked you for sex and you asked, "Do you Love me?". What do you expect him to say, or Are you a LEARNER?​​ Half naked girls are hot, while well dressed girls are beautiful. Hell is hot, while heaven is beautiful. The choice is yours.​​”

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