Nollywood On Fire | 13 December 2016 18:03 CET

Is Toke Makinwa, Toyin Aimakhu Doing the Right Thing Leaving Their Husbands?

It is becoming alarming these days as some Nigerian entertainers go about sharing their relationship challenges on social media like Toke Makinwa.

It is not new that she has had her first taste of failed marriage due to differences beyond their control but what matters is who is shading who when the incident occurs.

Often times, women who are victim of failed relationships end up accusing the man to be at fault and in the case of Toke, it is not different as she took hers to the next level by writing a book to tell it all.

Maje Ayida, who is at the receiving end has not come out to make any statement but he has made various attempts at settling things with his wife with admitting that he is truly at fault but his now ex-wife, Toke, is not ready to forgive and accept him back.

With the recent launch of her book washing her husband’s dirty linen out, various questions tend to come to mind of many like; Is Toke really perfect? Did she play her role as a wife? How often does she spend time with her husband at home? Does she take him out on a surprise date or she waits for him to always do the outing? How often does she do the domestic works or even wash his clothes? These questions and many others are waiting to be answered.

Many are of the know that Maje is wrong which he has admitted publicly and has tried at various occasions to get close to Toke at events but she has been proving to be the Don while Maje walks alone lonely with many grumbling about their public actions.

So, the big question will be, is Toke Makinwa that perfect that she could not hold her home strongly due to her perception of being a strict career woman who places more importance of her job?

Let’s not easily forget the incident of Adeniyi Johnson and his now ex-wife, Toyin Aimakhu, after she caught him flirting on phone with another female and that eventually led to their breakup. Adeniyi was even man enough to come out to beg for forgiveness but he never had the opportunity of getting his woman back who had found solace in the arms of another married man, Seun Egbegbe.

What one should also ask form Toyin is that; is she that perfect that she has never cheated on Adeniyi since they got married? If she is such a saint as she claim then she should tell the world that she has never cheated on her husband when they were together which is why she cannot forgive him. It is that simple.

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