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Husband Sends Popular Nollywood Actress Packing 3months After Wedding

By Yes Mag

Another Nollywood marriage has collapsed, just three months after it began.

According to Yes International Magazine, a popular Nollywood actress (name withheld) has been sent picking by her husband, three months after they got married....

Godwin, her once-upon-a-time loving and caring husband, just kicked her out.

The reason for the man's action is not known. However, some insiders informed YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine that the man who is based in Houston Texas, United States of America must have stumbled on some shocking things about his wife who lives alone in Nigeria that he couldn't stomach.

According to what we were told, he called the actress whose native name is Ifeoma from his US base and asked her to vacate their matrimonial home; that he was no longer interested in the marriage. Again, that she should expect his divorce papers soon.

One of the angry man's sisters, whose name was given as Judith, reportedly introduced them, and not long after they were married. Now they are unmarried. 'They got married in September and went their separate ways in December. Can you imagine that?' Asked one of our sources. The only thing that would have still glued them together is their son. But now the boy is dead.

He took ill and died. We learnt that the duo had their baby prior to making their relationship formal. Both of them are from one of the villages close to Owerri, the Imo State capital and on the few occasions that Godwin visited Nigeria then, they used to be the cynosure of all eyes in their village.

Now, the shame is so much for the actress that she's become a shadow of her old self. Constantly crying and asking God ''why me?''. She has also emaciated so much, making some of her close friends and family members to be keeping vigil around her lest she comes to any harm.

“Godwin must have dumped her after being shown some crazy sex stuff she did in the past – and it's to avert any scandal that may further dent her image and career that he asked her to vacate their matrimonial home and she did without raising any dust”, added one unconfirmed source.

Ifeoma is on the fair side, pretty, wild, used to live with her parents around Ilasa, Lagos and has in her movie pouch Domitilla, Karishika and so on. Like palm oil, her sad story is gradually spreading in Nollywood.

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Culled from YES MAG

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