Hot Issues | 16 September 2016 11:50 CET

Celebrity Dancer Claims Late Michael Jackson Ran Most Sophisticated Child Abuse Operation


In an amended complaint to his 2013 lawsuit against Michael Jackson's entertainment companies, Wade Robinson, a celebrity choreographer, in recent claims alleged that the legendary singer ran the most sophisticated child sex abuse operation the world has ever seen.

Wade Robson
The new complaint alleged ten years of abuse, which it claims was fostered by the companies who employed both Robson and Jackson.

“MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES were held out to the public to be businesses dedicated to creating and distributing multimedia entertainment by MICHAEL JACKSON, however, in fact, they actually served dual purposes,” Robson’s attorney Vince Finaldi wrote in the complaint filed Friday. “The thinly-veiled, covert second purpose of these businesses was to operate as a child sexual abuse operation, specifically designed to locate, attract, lure and seduce child sexual abuse victims.”

Robson claims Jackson’s inner circle as well as the two companies “designed, developed and operated what is likely the most sophisticated public child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation organization the world has known.”

The dancer, 33, says he first met Jackson when he was 5 years old after winning a competition run by MJJ Productions in his native Australia. Two years later, his family was invited to stay at the King of Pop’s Neverland Ranch home in California, where he slept in Jackson’s bed and was first sexually abused by him.

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