Hot Issues | 29 January 2015 20:27 CET

I Regret My Role in My Marriage Breakup After 10years….Actress, Georgina Onuoha Igwegbe

It is no longer news that the 10 year old marriage of beautiful Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha Igwegbe, had hit the rocks, but the most important thing is that the actress has accepted responsibility for the breakup.

Appreciating fans for their understanding and support for her during the trying times, the actress through a press statement which according to her took her four years accept her agony, urged fans to respect her ex-husband as she attest that she still respects and love her ex-husband.

She stated that the failure of the marriage has been through the ignorance of her and her husband as adult to handle issues maturely coupled with the role she played.

In her words, “The fact that the marriage didn't work is our failure as full adults. I take responsibility for the part I played in it. While marriage ends, true relationship never dies. We remain good friends and parents to our two lovely daughters. We will do our best to give them the best.”

The actress who has been able to pull herself through her marital challenges with prayers and counselling has been blessed with two lovely kids from the union.

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