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Watch: Nigerian singer, Omawumi flares up and storms off the set in this explosive interview

Source: Hope Efoghe/

Omawunmi is a strong vocalist that is well respected in the industry and many upcoming artistes' looks up to her as a role model.

She is someone who doesn't grant much interview and has slightly experienced controversies unlike some of her colleagues.

The singer recently granted an interview with HFtv Africa, and things turned out not okay when one of the questions asked, got Omawunmi upset, and the artiste flared up to extent of angrily walking out of the interview.

One would say she acted rudely, the way she spoke and her reaction was a bit overboard.

As celebrities, their lives are always on the piercing eyes of the general public, and hardly is there any celebrity that has successfully escaped been rumored about.

Been a role model to many, this single action of hers might earn the artiste losing some of her fan base.

Wondering what really got her upset? From the beginning of the interview, she reluctantly answered the questions thrown at her, but the peak of it all was when she was asked to debunk a rumor, about her been a smoker and a drinker.

She flared up and was really upset, you can tell from her looks and the way she spoke, that she was really upset.

And boom! Before the presenter knew it, Omawunmi angrily walked away from the interview.

Rumors must surely come to light, the best way to clarify things and redeem oneself it to simply debunk or concur.

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