Hot Issues | 19 November 2015 18:17 CET

Social Media Platforms a Great Benefits To Entertainment Industry - Aquilla,Movie Producer


Aquilla Njamah ,a Nollywood movie producer has noted that the social media has benefited the entertainment industry by providing a platform for them to prove themselves and also nurture fellowerships adding that it has also aided a lot of actors to get international recognition.

“With the aid of social media, upcoming artistes have gained a foothold in both the local and international arenas through the uploading of their works online,'' he said.

He said that any actor who could not make a hit because of financial constraints could make use of the social media because it is cheap and also accessible. He observed that some of the social media site like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn are being under used by most Nigerian and African artistes when compared to their contemporaries all over the world.

Speaking as a producer , he said he is willing to assist any artist on strategy to be employed that will help them improve their career and come to limelight.“That's why we are here, to help upcoming and even known artistes to be able to use available social media platforms to upgrade their careers. There are strategies and techniques to using social media to achieve certain goals and we are here to enlighten artistes on how to go about such.''

Njamah, however said that the first step for an artist to take inorder to make a huge impact on the social media was to build a strong followership although according to him developing followership is the most difficult because your followers will only get attracted if they know you have content. The buzz and hype of such content would be of utmost importance.

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