Hot Issues | 17 December 2014 16:14 CET

Omoni Oboli Donates Blood For Christmas

Nigerian entertainers, especially the females, seem to have realised that it is more honourable to give than to take. This they have exhibited in recent times with their charitable deeds. It is no doubt that they have taken a lot from the society and now, some of them are giving back to the same society that made them stars.

After concluding a shoot in Abuja, Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli, thought it wise to give out a precious gift for Christmas.

She went to the National Blood Transfusion Service to make blood donation. Omoni also stressed the need to donate blood at the bank.

According to her, “Give a gift of life this Christmas! On my last day on the movie set in Abuja, I went to the National Blood Transfusion service in to donate a pint of blood. It was so fulfilling and rewarding and I felt like a hero. I was giving someone life!

“It's important to donate blood cos you never know, the life you save, might even be yours! It could save a pregnant woman, an accident victim, a very sick person or even 4 kids! If you can't give gold or silver, give blood! It's more precious.”

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