Hot Issues | 9 March 2016 16:07 CET

Daddy Freeze About to Leak Dirty Affairs of His Friend’s Wife

Popular Nigerian On-air-personality, Daddy Freeze, has just exposed one of his friend's secret and that is sleeping around with ladies despite the fact that he is married.

According to the OAP, he was going through a friend's phone who wanted to sell off some properties and incidentally, he stumbled upon some naked pictures which he smiled and returned the phone.

But what surprised the OAP is that his friend began to explain how he adores the woman and how good she is and went on to fix an appointment for him to meet with her which he agreed.

Daddy Freeze got a shocker of his life when he discovered on the faithful day he met the said lady and happened to be the wife of his classmate who is based abroad.

According to the OAP, all Women are like Kim Kardashian the only difference is Kim gets paid for exposing her body

In his words, “There are many differences between Kim Kardashian and my pastor friend's wife. One is Kanye knows his woman, this includes her abilities, shortfalls etc while my pastor friend 'thinks' he knows his wife.”

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