Hot Issues | 26 February 2016 13:04 CET

It is not a Shame for a Man to Carry his Child in Public…Yemi Alade

Singer, Yemi Alade, is currently angry with a meme which has just gone viral, mocking former bread seller turned model, Olajumoke's husband, for carrying their daughter while his wife cat walked.

The singer airing her opinion stressed that women go through a lot right from pregnancy to delivery stage and therefore need the support of their husband.

She stated that a man carrying his child in public should not be a shame but should see it as a prove of true love for the woman.

In her words, “What rubbish is this? Is a woman's place on d side carrying a child? Did she not carry the child for 9 months already, endure labour alone? So after all this, the husband decides to ASSIST his wife and carry their child he is referred to as a WIFE like it's a thing of shame? What I see is a modern family with normal day to day responsibilities and a child to feed but have decided to NEVER GO BACK TO WHERE THEY ARE COMING FROM! Please; For any man to carry this kid the way he does she must be a REAL woman in his home. Shout out to the omini knowest media trying to break this home!”

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