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What You All Are Doing To Mohbad's Wife Is Bullying: X User Says

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

The issues surrounding the urge for DNA test for Mohbad's child, Liam has led to huge controversy on social media.

It could be recalled that since the death of Mohbad, many have called for his wife, including the late Mohbad's father and Verydarkman, urging Wunmi to carry out a DNA test in order to ascertain the paternity of her son.

However, there have been division among many, as some are strongly in support of Wunmi going for the DNA test, while others are standing strongly behind her and believe she shouldn't be forced.

In light of this, an X user with the handle @Ore_akiinde has aired her view on the issue of the DNA test by showing support for Wunmi and urging others to stop clamouring for a DNA test.

She wrote; “I just want everyone to know that what y’all are doing to mohbad's wife is bullying, the same way that he was bullied is the same way you’re bullying the wife rn. She doesn’t owe you any DNA test, Her husband didn’t doubt the paternity of his son, let that woman be.

I’d go further and say it’s wickedness, she literally lost her life partner untimely, she’s still grieving but everyday she has to come and explain all her actions. Someone cooked up a weird rumor and everyone went along with it. You that’s speaking where’s your paternity test?”

The X user's comment has been met with serious backlash from many on social media.

An X user with the handle @michaelokoro8 wrote; Na confirm werey you much mohbad wife pay you

@hrm_bossman wrote: What does LGBT people understand about Truthfulness and Self Respect?

Keep spitting trash mumu.

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