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Fela’s Dancer, Dodo Mayana Killed at Grammar School

One of late Afro-beat singer, Fela Anikulapo Kuti's dancer, Dodo Mayana, has been killed by unknown men after her body was discovered at Grammar school, Ojodu Beger, Lagos, while on her way home.

Son of the late singer, Femi Kuti, made this known after he had visited the site where the body was discovered stating that she was killed.

According to reports given to the singer, it was alledged that the late dancer was actually killed by a hit and run car but Femi seems to disapprove the claims noting that her phone and money were taken away.


According to Femi, he said, “Heard Dodo who sells outside the Shrine was killed by a hit and run car on her way home by grammar School opposite Omole estate. I'm so sad. Sounds more like Dodo was mugged because when we got to her nothing was found on her, no money, no phone. Mehn sad.

“Dodo was such a nice and friendly person RIP. May those who did this not go free. Unfortunately our police might never find them. She was mugged (they now say must likely she took first chance) killed dumped by grammar school.”

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