Beauty | 17 June 2015 14:55 CET

Women Admire My Bow Legs In America—Top Model, Faith Morey

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

Faith Morey is a Nigerian model who is doing well in her chosen profession in the United States of America (USA).

While in Nigeria, she did her best to penetrate the industry, but because of her curved legs, she could not get the needed attentions from agencies she went to for jobs. This was one of the reasons she left Nigeria to the US.

Today, she is happy taking that bold step to leave Nigeria for the US, where she is also studying for a degree programme in Human Resources at Lone Star College, Houston Texas.

The model, who hails from the Ikwerre tribe of Rivers State, stated that she decided to be a model after watching a famous international black model show in 2008. The next year, she competed in the Nigeria's Next Super Model competition.

In an interview with Daily Times, Faith said, "Nigerians have their version of how a sexy leg should look, and a curved or toned leg wasn't it.

“I used to wear trousers to castings so they could pick me for my walk and not my legs. I came to the US and I realised the sexiest legs were the curved legs. Now, when I walk on the street, women approach me to ask who my trainer is."

Faith further said her height made it difficult for her to get her shoe size. This, she said, made her to hide her legs under the chair so people would not see her toes sticking out of her shoes.

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