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Movie Producers Have Asked for my Body- Bayray Mcwinzu

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/Nollywoodgists.com

After she clinched the third edition of the Amstel Malta Box Office in 2007, Eberechukwu Nwizu known as Bayray Mcwinzu catapulted to limelight. She became a sought after actress until an undisclosed experience put her off the scene.

But Bayray is back, displaying versatility and unconventional role interpretations as her first film just got a ZAFAA UK nomination.

The actress stated that tears of not working for a while, got her emotionally down as she has seen acting as part of her life which is one of the rasons she keeps getting scripts.

Before I won AMBO, I worked for at least ten years with my mother. I started off on this job at the age of twelve. Even as a young person, I knew I wanted to be an actress, I knew I wanted to be on stage. Looking back now, I am glad I went through all that because it has given me a business edge. All those tears were not wasted they were tears for the future to come."

Speaking about sexual advances in Nollywood, the actress attested that it does happen as it seen as giving something in exchange for something which is rampant everywhere especially in the banking sector.

"Yes, it happens the same way a man tells a woman “I like you; I will like to take care of you”. It's the same thing. This one is not wooing though, they want to collect something in exchange for something .It happens everywhere even in the banking industry.

She stated that the situation is more open in Nollywood because the make-belief world is open fo people to see and be judged. "The person that is seen often takes the blame whereas everybody does it. It's more rampant in other industries. Yes, it happens. Directors have tried to come to me and made such moves," she attested.

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