Nollywood On Fire | 20 September 2014 09:06 CET

People Think My Hubby Has a Side Chic…………Toke Makinwa

How sad that some people do not actually know there celebrities or on-air personalities. Sometimes, it is not their fault. It could be how constant is the celebrity and on which medium that matters.

There is no hate on this issue but a shocking surprise to radio and TV host, Toke Makinwa, who could be recognized by fans while on the street because of her new hair do and make-up.

Toke and her hubby were walking down in street when some people starred at her assuming she was a side chic and kept wondering where Toke could be not realizing she was the one.

She explained that even one of the ladies on seeing the way the husband held her hand, she said aloud so that she could hear that 'how is Toke.'

Well, interesting enough, the OAP isn't complaining as she explained that she loved every bit of the stare she created on the street.

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