Nollywood On Fire | 20 September 2015 21:29 CET

My Manager Saved my Marriage from Crashing…Nikki Laoye

Popular inspirational singer, Nikki Laoye Oturu, has come to win the hearts of many with her popular song, '1,2,3' and few other tracks which has continued to hit the airwaves.

The singer in a recent interview explained that things have not been easy with as a wife and a career woman but was very thankful to her husband who dabbles as her manager.

She stated that she does a lot of things with her husband and attend all events with him attributing all the awards she has won to his support.

Nikki noted that her husband understanding about her job and being her manager has help sustained her marriage from wrecking.

In her words with CityPeople magazine, “We actually go for a lot of events together because he happens to be on my management team, his name is Alex Oturu. We do a lot of things together, he works with me a lot, he is my manager. I have been busy a lot but then I find a way to schedule and then having my husband working with me on so many things has also helped my marriage and also makes it easier.”

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