Nollywood Fashion Police | 11 April 2014 21:02 CET

Celebrities With Partial Exposure On Display

Source: Akin Omobose/

These days, many women, including public figures, have adopted the idea of showing off partial exposure of their body, all in the name of looking beautiful and attractive. While some do it to make a fashion statement, others find the baring of their cleav*ges sexy and attractive.

But still, the craze for fashion these days is now something else that sometimes, when you see some outfits worn by some people, you ask yourself the question 'why did she just wear that?'

Now, the question is, does revealing of parts of your body add to a woman's beauty?

Anyway, below are compiled list of some of favorite Nigerian celebrities that have one way or the other indulged in such disturbing act.

Toke Makinwa: She recently shared a new picture of herself and with no doubt, the dress fits her, however, she showed us way too much of her side body. This should have been for the view of her husband, but now, people know how it looks like.
Yvonne Jegede: The actress seems to go by the saying 'I got it, so let me flaunt it'. Well, that's what the picture looks like. Even though we can't tell her what to wear and how to wear them, but as a public figure and a role model, Yvonne should sometimes try to look better.
Anita Joseph: When it comes to showing off 'your assets', this actress is one person that doesn't fail to do that and that's exactly what she just did with the above outfit.
Genevieve Nnaji: Yea, the dress, no doubt looks lovely on this beautiful and talented actress, but with a second look, the upper part showed way too much of her body. While some of her fans think there was nothing wrong with her outfit, others felt she shouldn't have shown too much.

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