Relationships | 13 April 2013 08:11 CET

I want a woman I can marry

By Daily Independent

Dear Agatha,

I met my present girl after my former wife left. We had no children between us. The current lady is 27 years, while I am 49.

My problem with her is that she is most concerned about what she can get from me while she is searching for a better offer.

We rarely make love and when we do, she insists I use a condom, whereas, from the beginning she knows my desire to have a child. My request to meet with her family members next month hasn't been granted. As a matter of fact, she has refused to make a commitment to my request.

I'm a federal civil servant and live in my own house, though moderate. My problem now is I need a serious minded woman that I can conveniently live and raise a family with.

Depressed Man.

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